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2013 Nestlé’s Very Best in Youth Awards // 3 Day Event Coverage

Nestlé has been a proud sponsor of the biennial Nestlé Very Best In Youth program for more than 15 years. Created to spotlight the best in youth leadership, the program identifies teens whose efforts are making a profound difference in the lives of others. We covered this amazing 3-day event and created a highlight video(…)

Wedding Preview | Erin and Manny

Erin and Manny’s wedding is a fun one especially that they picked a great location and they have so many unique things going on for the three days. The decors and preparation for this wedding is top notch, the atmosphere is friendly and loving.

Next Day Edit | Lailanie and Scott

Lailanie and Scott’s wedding is a special one. They chose a venue that is dear to their hearts, Long Beach. The couple are very involved in charity in Long Beach. We loved shooting this fun wedding in a vintage location, Breakers, and had a blast watching them light up lanterns at 11pm.

Same Day Edit | Tiffany and Joey

Tiffany and Joey’s video was a fun wedding to shoot. They chose an old parish for their ceremony and chose The Smog Shoppe in Los Angeles for their reception. Quite a spectacular choice of location.